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Purposeful insightful travel

Social Insight Journeys aim to bring out the impactful change-maker in every philanthropist, CSR professional or socially conscious individual. Our journeys involve immersing participants in a particular social theme to enable better understanding of the issue at hand, as well as insightful visits to innovative organizations in the field committed to long term work in the communities.

Throughout the journeys, participants will be provided with information grounded in research on the social theme and opportunities to interact with the local communities. Organisations on the ground will also share their inspiring work as well as the challenges faced in their work and by their beneficiaries. Group learning and dialogues will be facilitated.

Social Insight Journeys aspire to provide the basis for participants to guide their philanthropic decisions based on a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexities of the social theme as well as of the programs/solutions on the ground. The journeys seek to also catalyse collaborations and initiatives for enduring social change.


Alleviating Poverty through Economic Empowerment Opportunities in Cambodia 

With this social insight journey, Soristic and our partner, STEP, hope to offer a holistic, immersive experience to participants that will develop an understanding of the complexities of the poverty situation in Cambodians, and also form connections between participants and the organisations that are doing great work in the area. We endeavour to create a journey that is “listen and learn” and thus many opportunities will be curated for the participants to engage with the communities and local organisations.

One of the highlights of the trip will be a visit to Smile Village, a Residential Community Project pioneered by STEP and Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE), a French NGO. Smile Village offers reasonable housing and sustainable work opportunities for the underprivileged with heavy debt burdens. What is significant about Smile Village is that it changes mind-sets—residents gradually view themselves less as people who are impoverished, and more as people who are empowered. Participants will get to interact with residents, and observe the sewing, rug, and woodcraft enterprises set up by Smile Village which provide residents with fair work conditions and a means to bring themselves and their families out of poverty.

While providing Cambodians with sustainable income opportunities solves one piece of the puzzle, a prominent issue throughout the country is the large amounts of debt that individuals have accumulated over the years. Unfortunate living conditions and unscrupulous money-lenders have caused a large debt problem in Cambodia. STEP has identified this, and participants of the trip will get to see how their innovative debt refinancing scheme works first-hand.



Date: 5 – 8 December, 2018

Location: Phnom Penh

Cost: US$1,600 / S$2,200

*costs include accommodation, breakfasts, lunches and transportation to and fro charitable organisations.

A good part of your contribution will go towards supporting social programs in Cambodia.

If you are interested in coming on this journey with us, or have any questions, drop us an email at connect@soristic.asia.