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What We Do

Soristic is a social enterprise and social impact consultancy firm which focuses on evaluation & impact assessment, social sector related research in Singapore and in the ASEAN region, philanthropy & CSR advisory and capacity building workshops.

Evaluation & Impact Assessment

We assist partners to manage their evaluation and/or impact assessment process to ensure that findings can be used continuously to inform decision makers and help shape their programmes to improve success and increase social impact. We support our partners in:

  • Identifying What to Measure
  • Data Collection
  • Understanding Results
  • Design & Implementation

Philanthropy & CSR Advisory

Soristic provides philanthropy advisory services in the form of research and informed giving. We assist philanthropists through customized solutions to bring their philanthropic vision to action.

Soristic works with corporates to help them to be more sustainable and socially responsible. We assist in every aspect of CSR implementation from needs assessment, community engagement, asset mapping and the development of CSR programmes to evaluation.

Research & Consulting

Soristic assists our partners with their research and consulting needs to bridge knowledge gaps to deliver insights, analysis, discoveries and solutions. Our work includes:

  • Market/Sector Research
  • Needs Assessment & Asset Mapping
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Charity Governance
  • Sustainability (e.g. Financial) Analysis for Social Enterprises & Non-Profits
  • Fundraising Strategy Review

Social Connex Series

The Social Connex Series is a series of sharing sessions that Soristic curates to raise public awareness about social issues in Singapore and the ASEAN region.

Through this platform, we hope to gather socially conscious individuals and thought leaders to co-create innovative solutions to create collective impact and enable a transformative change in society.

Our Projects

Current Projects

  • Research on State of social enterprise in Singapore

  • Impact Evaluation for Seniors’ Program

  • Impact Evaluation for Youths At Risk 

  • Social Connex Series

Past Projects

  • Social Enterprise Research for ASEAN (USAID)
  • Fundraising Strategy Review
  • Social Insight Journey 2018: Alleviating Poverty through Economic Empowerment Opportunities in Cambodia

Get Involved

Calling on all social change-makers who are keen to make a difference! We are look for:

1) Social Media volunteers – to manage our social media sites with weekly posts

2) Game Developer volunteer – to develop an empathy game for youths

Join our team to gain insights on social issues and create collective impact together! Drop us a line @ connect@soristic.asia