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Thank you for your support for the first half of 2018! It is truly an exciting time for Soristic!

In the first half of the year, we have accomplished the following:

  • Research on early childhood adversity in Asia for a regional organisation
  • Social Enterprise Landscape in ASEAN for policymakers in ASEAN
  • Sharing on Social Enterprise Landscape for Korean Delegates
  • 3 workshops for corporate on System Thinking and Impact Assessment
  • 4 Social Connex Series talks on various social issues in ASEAN such as poverty, the refugee crisis, and sanitation
  • 1 workshop for students under the ‘Igniting Young Minds through Social Entrepreneurship’ programme

We are currently working with a few charities and corporates on project design as well as working out monitoring and evaluation frameworks for their programs. We are also excited to be collaborating with STEP to evaluate their upcoming innovative and experimental programme to lift disadvantaged communities in Cambodia out of poverty.


Soristic is hosting a Social Insight Journey in Phnom Penh, Cambodia centred around the theme “Alleviating Poverty Through Economic Empowerment Opportunities”, in December 2018. For this Social Insight Journey, we have partnered up with Solution to End Poverty (STEP), a Singapore-based organisation committed to breaking the poverty cycle across Asia.

The Social Insight Journey will provide a holistic, immersive and insightful experience to philanthropists, CSR professionals and socially conscious individuals to develop deep understanding and appreciation of the complexities of a social issue that will guide them to make impactful philanthropic decisions. Participants will be exposed and connected to organisations working on innovative economic empowerment programs/initiatives on the ground. Our journey also seeks to catalyse high impact collaborations and initiatives for enduring social change among the participants and organisations.

A central ethos of the Social Insight Journey is “listen and learn”. Many opportunities have been carefully curated for participants to engage with local communities and staff/senior management of organisations working on sustainable and just economic opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. A few highlights include visits to slum communities, and meetings with high impact inclusive businesses, social enterprises and non-profits. Participants will also visit Smile Village, a Residential Community Project pioneered by STEP that offers reasonable housing and sustainable work opportunities. We will also introduce an innovative programme that STEP is developing and implementing to help debt-laden communities.


Upcoming – The Paradox of Hunger in a Food Paradise

Many of us are aware that hunger does exist in prosperous Singapore where fragments of society rely on supplementary food rations provided by individuals, grassroots, NGOs and even corporations. Yet, the same cannot be said about knowledge on hidden hunger and food insecurity, both of which go far beyond the amount of food we have.

According to the General Household Survey 2015 published by the Department of Statistics Singapore, an estimate of 14.6% of households in Singapore earn a household income of less than SGD$1500 per month, making them more susceptible to food insecurity. In addition, rations or food donations provided may not meet the nutritional requirements to keep them healthy. This results in poorer nutritional health and a higher likelihood of contracting chronic diseases.

This Social Connex talk will explore the concepts of food insecurity and hidden hunger and consider ways in which we can enhance the food rations and donations provided to the underprivileged.

Join us on 16th August 2018 as our speakers share on the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger for Singapore and explore ways that we can work towards achieving this goal. The ticket is $10 (pay at the door) and is inclusive of a free drink.

Register now on Peatix or Eventbrite!

Past – Sustaining Refugee Communities Through Economic Opportunities

In March, Soristic partnered with the National Youth Council (NYC) to organise this talk which exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8) and Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10).

We showcased the work of 5 organisations – Advocates for Refugees Singapore (AFR-SG), Refugees & Asylum Seekers Information Centre (RAIC), Reyna Movement, Artisan & Fox and IUVA Global who came together to discuss a more sustainable refugee strategy in light of the current refugee crisis.

The talk stressed on aiding refugees and displaced persons by improving their basic human rights and welfare through economic empowerment methods, like social enterprise activism and programmes.

Past – Solving Sanitation: There is No Magic

Soristic partnered with WASH in Southeast Asia Limited (WISE) on this talk which focused on SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.

WISE shared about its pilot program to bring sanitation facility to Phnom Village, Cambodia, specifically regarding the challenges in getting the community involved, coming up with a financial plan for the villagers, and deciding on the subsidy amount for the programme. You may find out more about WISE here.


On the 23rd of March 2018, we conducted “Measuring the Outcome of your CSR Programme to Communicate your Impact Story” for NVPC with over 20 participants. In this workshop, CSR professionals learned to use a framework to create an outcome/impact measurement system for their CSR programmes. We also had an interactive discussion on why impact is important and how an impact story that will be useful for the internal and external stakeholders can be produced. We held another two workshops on System Thinking to help organisations plan and design their programs for larger impact.

If you know of someone or are looking for social sector research, impact evaluation or support for CSR/philanthropy work, get in touch with us at connect@soristic.asia! We are also looking for ambassador/ volunteer/ support/ sponsorships for our public Social Connex Talks and our other projects to scale up our impact. Thank you!

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